Flaky selection of breakpoint states

It can be hard to know when you have correctly selected and are editing a breakpoint state. Selecting breakpoint state does not change it to that state visually unless your screen width is within that breakpoint. Meanwhile, changing widths to the breakpoint will then show the normal breakpoint state selected. All very confusing.

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Yes, we are aware of that. We want to change it, so that it is only possible to edit the states of the active breakpoint.

Yes, I would also appreciate this, if this could be fixed soon.

In the past responsive web design had a better support in Antetype. Now, it’s really confusing with these bugs. This makes work harder, especially when explaining Antetype’s responsive web design features to new colleagues. Also not the best experience for me, if I want to convince people of the advantages, but then have to tell “yes, you are right, this is a bug… yes, you are right, this is not that self-explanatory… yes, you are right with your expectations, actually in the past it worked (better)…” :frowning:

Hope for some improvements here soon :adhesive_bandage: :v:

As much as I appreciate how frictionless it is to edit widgets and widget instances in Antetype, it may be good to move to having an edit mode. That way, you don’t need to portray viewed state and editable state simultaneously. Even just a toggle that maintains the same view but shifts whether the current thing being seen is the view state or the state being edited could work.

We are currently working on a quickfix to automatically switch to a specific breakpoint on state selection.
I can’t promise you anything right now, but I’ll get back to you when I can say more.