Font wrongness

This font shows up differently across three browsers: Safari (missing), Firefox (wrong weight), Chrome (correct)

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File: Dropbox - NF Marketing site style - Simplify your life

What font is it?

Muli, now known as Mulish Google Fonts

It appears to be only the bold weight. And it used to look fine! Now the bold weight breaks in Safari and Firefox across my files.

My colleague reports that for him, the font is wrong in Chrome too.

I switched my file to using the newer version of the font (Mulish), and now browsers show the right font, but weights simply don’t show up at all, even in Antetype. Italic does show up, however.

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I find-replaced the font back to Muli from Mulish, and now it displays fine in browsers! These nondeterministic browser/display bugs are really giving me heartburn…

In fact, using the Replace Font Family script and simply doing Muli to Muli fixes the issue :man_shrugging:

Ok, so in the file you linked above you’re using Muli, not Mulish right?

I installed Muli and the font weights are the same in every browser. Hard to day what went wrong. Do you still have the export that didn’t work?

Not really a permanent solution but did you try to reset the fonts in your file? In the Web Viewer export options, there is a Button called “Font Options”. Clicking that opens a window with a “Reset” Button in the lower right which causes Antetype to “Refresh the font list” (Reloading the used fonts instead of using cached ones in the file I guess?)
This doesn’t really solve the problem that causes such issues to begin with, but it might save you the heartburn next time you run into an issue like that.


Thanks, will try that next time. Essentially I did solve the problem by “resetting” — by “replacing” Muli with Muli. Hard to say what the true cause or solution is with stuff like this.