Frequent "Changed by other application" warning

I am getting this warning more often than I used to. I remember it appearing maybe once but after I had dismissed it, it did not reappear. Now, it seems to appear more often. Not sure what it might be linked to.

Yup, just came here to report the same thing

Do you share the folder where you save your Antetype-files with Dropbox (or something similar like Own/NextCloud…)? Do you have any problems afterwards, or does it only show the alert and after “Save” everything is fine?

This alert is shown if the file-modification date is different from the last save.

Which macOS-version are you using?

No, because I know I am not supposed do this. I save all my working files to my Desktop.

Ventura 13.0

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Any update on this?

Yes. It looks like this was introduced in the 3.7-update. We are currently test a fix for this. (Only available in the DEV-build, if you are interested to try it out, just ping us).

For the context: We use SQLite for storing the data. Which uses Indexes to quickly access the content. Sometimes those indexes needs a rebuilt (which 3.7. introduced). Unfortunately this triggers the “Changed by other application” warning. We now use another way to check/rebuild the indexes.

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