Frequent reloading when replacing resources

With my current (fairly complex) project, I am having to reload frequently when replacing resources for them to be updated in the canvas. I know this occurs occasionally but it appears to have got worse. I am not sure if it is the complexity of my prototype or something else but when I drag a new svg to the library, more often than not, nothing happens and I need to reload to see the changes.

thank you for the bug report. We will have a look what goes wrong here.

Good morning all, while I am slaving away on my prototype, I am still having to reload every so often when dragging in an SVG. It will work about 3, sometimes up to 6 times before it starts to fail. When it does, the change is not updated in the canvas until I reload. This is ultra-annoying. It costs me hours (not exaggerating!) because reloading takes a long time now with this behemoth of a prototype.
Please don’t take this the wrong way, Antetype is by far the only app that has been able to handle this type of complexity and I am enjoying everything about it. Just some rough edges is all!

sorry for the late reply, so far we were not able to reproduce it :frowning:

But we noted that the preview in the resource-inspector does not update after replace.

No worries. I will supply a file and a short movie via PM. You can easily reproduce this with my file. Thanks for looking at this.

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