Future plans for the app


First of all, I’m happy to see that Antetype is back! It is my favorite design tool, thanks for bringing it back to life!

I’m really interested in what are you planning to build next?

It would be really nice to have a free cross-platform (maybe web-based) “inspector” app that allows developers to see the styling and settings for the elements, check the widgets states, and click through the prototypes.

And I would really like to have something like CSS classes. To be able to change colors, fonts, margins, shadows, and all other properties at once throughout the whole document. Because when the number of widgets grows it is really hard to keep everything consistent.


the short time goal is to make the “Web Preview” stable and replace 1.7.2 and the old Beta (which used CALayer’s for rendering). Using Web-technologies for rendering, interaction etc. was a big task and we wanted to not change to many things at once.

After this goal is reached we have to decide what to do next :slight_smile: the planning is still in an early stage.

We looked into this and definitely would build this web-based. We already have almost all this information (widget/states/properties etc. ) on the web-side. We are not sure if we need some manual step to mark some cells/properties for inclusion in the inspector or if it is enough to do it all automatically (sometimes widgets tend to be rather complicated with some cells only needed in certain states etc.)

really good idea, it is not easy to keep track of all this manually.

Thank you for your valuable input, it helps us in planning. If you have other comments regarding the Web Preview: please let us know!

I think that you already have visibility property (with collapse option). And developers will not copy/paste the cells, they will only be looking for the sizes/layout settings and the styling properties.

But for the sake of understanding the layout, they should have a possibility to resize the viewport and cells (e. g. to see the sidebar behavior in the desktop app). Maybe you should introduce the separate “resizable” property for the cells that are meant to be scalable while using the real app:

Also for developers, it would be easier to only see the list of properties that were changed from the default. Like short CSS description.

And people can make use of overlay guides:

I think that Zeplin is a good reference. They already have separate components tab which is similar to Antetype’s widgets but there’s no way to tell the difference between the states for the same component and different components.