Has updating Widgets just become a lot faster?

I have just updated about 200 text widgets and was surprised it was so fast. Then I tested with another widget and it was much faster as well. Is this just a lucky coincidence or has something been implemented to make this very snappy all of a sudden?

I guess this more a happy coincidence :slight_smile: . So far we have not started with performance optimizations for update widget. But it is on our list.

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So I am seeing where I got the impression. When updating widgets, there is no spinning wheel any more. I had reported on the entire canvas freezing up after updating widgets. This is the same thing. It looks like the update was instant but in fact there is still some bookkeeping going on while the canvas is not responding. It returns to normal after the update has finished.

is this using the “new web view”? Here we block less the main thread (macOS automatically shows the “beach ball” if this happens).

Yes it’s the new web view. It’s still a little buggy but so much better. There’s no going back. But it’s definitely not responding while it’s updating the widgets. So there should be a status bar or spinner.