How to achieve sidebar height

In this example, I want the left sidebar column to be as tall as the right table container column. I would expect that by setting the left height to stretch and the parent cell to shrink, they would both end up the same height as the right, but that isn’t what happens.

The general problem is that stretch in shrink doesn’t work properly or better intuitively. At least the way we implement the CSS layout rules.

The items in the left increase its size, although it is set to stretch. This is how flexbox works and we have to live with it.

A hacky fix would be to set flex: 0 0 0; on the “Items” container. That causes this container to shrink down to 0, but the items are still visible, because clip-content is inactive.

Another possibility witch custom CSS is to set the height of “Item results” to manual and 0 (or another small value). and min-height:100%; in the CSS field.

Thanks, I’ll play with it.