How to simulate properly working input fields

Is this possible with Antetype?
I didn´t find nothing about Input Types like Text, Password, Email etc. or like Hint Text.
How is the actual state about capturing and evaluating the entered text?
How would it be possible to validate an simple Form with Conditions? e.g. Name + Password -> when right then “goto” oder “change state” etc.
thank you in advance

Hi Joe,

it is possible, but currently only with the help of Javascript. There are basically two possibilities: use the “Editable in Prototype”-Property:


Which basically enabled the HTML contentEditable-Property and allows to edit the text in the prototype. Or use an HTML-element like <input type="text"> or <input type="password">:

Depending on which one you choose the Javascript necessary is a little bit different.

A minimal example:
input (394.9 KB)

The first screen contains an password-field (depending on the entered text the widget changes its state after clicking the “login”-Button). The next screen does the same but uses the "Editable in Prototype-property.

Does this help?

Thank you fizfaz,
I will look at these two approaches at time and try to implement that.
Best regards