How would one set up a sharable widget library?

I don’t use Antetype for web design but desktop application prototyping. I am near completion of a prototyping kit which allows me to slam together interactive, extremely high fidelity crossplatform Mac/Win prototypes. Great stuff. Now that I want to start using components of the kit in a fresh, mostly blank prototype, I find myself copying and pasting widgets. I would much rather use the widget library across all my prototypes instead of having two Antetype windows open all the time. How would I go about that?

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We’re working on a cloud widget library that can be shared between prototypes and users. Hopefully we have something to test in the dev version soon.

Right now, copy and paste is the way to go :grinning:


Good to know, Tim. Thanks for the teaser. The suspense is unbearable :slight_smile:

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Could the widgets also preserve their interactions when they are placed in the widget library?

For the first version we only plan to store widgets and colors in the Library. We talked a lot about storing interactions too, but it always ended up in very complex handling (which actions should be stored in the widget, there need to be a way to add interaction only to the instance etc.)

Are actions not always tied to the instance? If I remove actions from one widget it never affects other widgets. Also, if, say, I wanted to save some UI controls such as check boxes to a (shared) library, it would mean having to add the actions back each time when I place a check box in a file. I can just about foresee how nobody would use the widget library, at least for anything where interactions are required. Instead, we will continue copying and pasting, which is less than ideal…

If the actions only refer to cells contained in the widget, they can (and should) be stored.

E.g. a checkbox that toggles between normal to checked.

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If they link to screens or cells outside the widget, it wouldn’t make sense in most cases.

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That’s what I meant. Thanks!

Here’s one more: If you use widgets with their contents set to “Individual”, there must be a way of storing that widget in the library with all its nested cells. This is another important obstacle to effective use of the current widget library. You ale inserting empty objects all the time, which is not the objective of a library.

In older versions we had a snapshot feature that stores the widget as it is in the library. I think we’ll have to re-add it.

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