Ignore "Mouse Selection" flag for text in Antetype Selection Mode please

When I have text inside a widget, I usually turn the “Mouse Selection” flag off because it will get in the way of mouseovers and clicks more often than not when in Run mode or in the browser. Unfortunately, this will effectively put an end to double-click editing when in Selection mode in Antetype. Can this be changed for better and faster authoring of prototypes? I see absolutely no reason for this behaviour.

Can you give me an example of why you disable mouse selection for text in widgets? The issue with interactions can occur anyway when multiple widgets are nested.

Sure, here is an example. Setting text to have mouse selection will block the hover effect. So I have switched it off.
In this case, it means I have to select the text in the Screen Inspector, then mouse ALL THE WAY ACROSS to the Right Inspector and change the text. Luckily, this text does not have states. If it did, I would also have to remember to select all states first to apply the change across all states. Simply double-clicking the text will take care of all of this for me.
Feel my pain?

Is there a reason why uiText is not part of the buttonOnOffHoverLayer widget?

Yes, the buttonOnOffHoverLayer widget has its contents set to “shared”. If I place the text inside, it will appear in all other instances of this Widget, which is not something I want to happen. I am trying to keep the number of different widgets to a minimum. I am actually not sure if this is the right strategy but at the moment, that is what I am doing.
(what you are seeing is a stripped-down version of a larger prototype which I am not at liberty to share in full)

So you mean the buttonOnOffHoverLayer is used in other cased where no text is needed?
I would put the text in the widget, I mean you need a text element in the button anyway, and in cases where I don’t need text, I would just delete the text content. But I can understand that this might not be a solution for you right now.

That will make the widget want to be updated and that will delete the text in ALL siblings. It is no option.
I am still trying to find the most efficient way to organise my (extremely complex) prototype. I have made great progress (thanks, in large part to help I got from you!) but I cannot come to terms with the widget library. It just feels all wrong to me and although I think I can consider myself a pro user, I still cannot get it to behave in a way that is useful so I try to limit the amount of different widgets to a minimum. I don’t want to hijack my own thread here but there are posts about this dating a few years back.