In-Place mode UX suggestions

Since the In-Place preview is such an important mode for checking your prototypes, I have a few suggestions which would make this feature even more usable:

  • Could you add an icon to show if I’m in Edit or Run mode? I change this all the time and I am getting confused :crazy_face: which mode I am in. This would provide a nice visual clue.

  • Could you also make that icon interactive so that it toggles the mode when clicked? I find myself typing ‘r’ and ‘d’ into CSS styles all the time and I also have some search fields which get focus as soon as they appear on screen and I am typing d and r into those as well. If the icon could be clicked, that would be helpful.

  • Could the cursor always be the pointer, not some other cursor? The cursor seems to sometimes be changed by the underlying element:

  • Could it not sound a sysbeep when dismissed with <Esc>?

  • Can you make the border radius of the In-Place message 50%? I’m not joking. This “squircle” end is making me even more woozy…