Infinite flickering loop

I am getting this strange effect sometimes when I add an object with stretch property.
I cannot seem to get out of it unless I switch to another application and return to Antetype. (1.7 MB)

Does it help if you choose “Show Scrollbars: When scrolling” in the MacOS General-Preferences?

The default setting “Automatically based on mouse or trackpad” shows a scrollbar if you use an external mouse for example. Since we render the selection/handles inside the WebView of the prototype they expand the content size and trigger the scrollbar … I guess we need to render the handles/selection externally .

Hi Felix, yes system pref helps.

I think selection would benefit from an overhaul. Showing/hiding it is a little clunky and it would be helpful if it didn’t zoom with everything else but kept its thickness. I do like the single shortcut for showing and hiding it though (as opposed to Illustrator, where you have to use two hotkeys to hide the selection).

yes indeed. We are slowly getting rid of the old mouse-handling-code (which uses pre-Web Antetype-code for selection/dragging/guides etc.). This is a good time to think about a better way to display those elements.

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