Inserting video

Hi, I couldn’t find this anywhere else (maybe because it’s super simple) but is there a way insert a video in a prototype? I can only insert images.


unfortunately we currently do not support videos like we support images. But you can embed videos:

  • if you want to embed youtube/vimeo or anything like that just use the “share”-functionality and embed the iframe
  • use the <video>-tag and host the video on a web server
  • or copy the video into the exported web-viewer.

here a quick example: the first video is served by a web-server, for the second I copied “popeye.mp4” into the exported web viewer (note this does not work locally in Chrome…), and the last one is a video from youtube.
video Web (9.5 MB) (567.1 KB)

see Video and audio content - Learn web development | MDN for the glory details. There are a lot of options like show video controls or not, play, stop pause etc.