Interaction Inspector readability

So this is a minor point, but I recently noticed that the fixed width of the interaction inspector causes the interactions set therein to be truncated. Usually the state changes get cut, which is arguably a pretty important part of the interaction. Would it be possible, to either have that text break into the next line to see what the actual changes are? At least for normal interactions provided by Antetype. I do not need to see the entire script for JS based interactions directly in the Inspector.

And while we are at it: Another minor irritation in the interaction inspector has always been that it reads a bit weirdly. For example:

“Left Click
Radio Button
Toggle State between Selected and Deselected”

You would assume that this happens when you click said Radiobutton. However the interaction inspector never actually shows the name of the cell that has to be interacted with to trigger the interaction. So in the case above the interaction could actually be something like:

“Left Click [on Primary Button]
[to interact with] Radio Button
[triggers a] Toggle between Selected and Deselected”

Please ignore that it would not make sense to click a primary button to interact with radio buttons. The point is that it is not always obvious what you would have to click to trigger the interaction or that the elements you select are the target of the interaction. I typically think something along the lines of “Click this to do that” and the structure in which the inspector shows this does not quite match up with that wich causes irritation sometimes. The way it is shown in the inspector it just says “Click to do that” leaving out the “This” part.

I know, the selected element should be visible in the tree (on the other side of the screen) and you see the states of the selected cell if it is a widget at the top of the inspector. It is not like you cannot find out what you have to interact with to trigger your interaction. The way it is now, is just a little inconveniant to read at times. From what I see when I am onboarding new users it can also be confusing to them what the target of the interaction is and what the cell you are actually interacting with are (aka the cell you have to click on for example). Having a little more clarity by writing it out explicitly somewhere in the actual interaction inspector to make the Interaction read a bit more naturally would be nice.


Thanks for your input. I agree that we definitely have room for improvement. We will check again which improvements we can implement.
For now, I can only recommend that you name your interactions. This works on group and action level.

PixelSnap 2023-02-10 at 11.05.54


Good point. I’ll try to make that a habit. Now that you show this however, would it be possible to change the Antetype default text for interactions to something like your example? It still reads well enough I think and it would probably fix 90% of cases that get truncated. (might be an easier quick-fix at least)

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