Keep getting the upgrade message with the same fix but it doesn't seem to upgrade

I am getting this upgrade message but I don’t think the update is carried out. Is this a known thing?

This is what I had my eye on and it seems to still be the old wording:

  • wording on paste-color-alert and paste-merge-widget alert (#1027)

I just had a look: we changed “project” to “document”, in the dialogs (color and widget). (due to the feedback from Ben: Color dialog is unclear ).

(This applies to the “nightly-build”-DEV-version).

Or does the update not succeed and you always get the “new version available”-dialog?

This comes up each time and I had hoped it might be relating to this:Please make it clear what this means! - #7 by Stephan

ah ok, sorry no this was the other change. We just keep the list of changes in the DEV (and don’t even sort it), this will be cleaned up once we release.

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