Key Down Event multiple characters


I want to use the key down event and saw on the website “Apart from other Events, it is possible to add more than one Key-Event.”.

But I did not find out how to set multiple characters into one key down event. I tried , ; space, without space. But it did not work.

By the way, will there be a change handler later? In that way I would not need to set all characters in a key down handler. Or the key down action is triggert by any key, if there is no key defined. :slight_smile:

Best regards

Hi Chris,

you can add more than one key-event-handler:

each with a different key:

this example: has the event-handlers on the screen, and depending on the typed character the state is toggled: (186.3 KB)

yes that would be a nice addition. Thank your for the suggestion!

Thank you.

But it seems that I have to create tons of events and have duplicates then. But if I want to change the action later, I also have to copy it to all key events.

Because it is not possible with a change listener, because ob the creation of sub dom elements, I created now an observer in javascript. But looking forward to have the change event handler or just an easy way to combine multiple keys within one key event handler.

Thanks for the reply.

I added it as a request to our issue-tracker. We always wanted to enhance the GUI here (it is not discoverable that you can use ArrowLeft, ArrowRight etc.). Thanks again for mentioning.