Live Viewer Security

Hi Felix

Is it planned to have a password or other authorizations for the live view? To use this app it is necessary that we restrict the access to only the persons we want to share with and only for a defined time, instead of all the time.

Best regards

Hi Christian,

in this Update we introduced the possibility to disable the Live Preview for all non-local accesses. We thought about adding a approval-mechanism (if the Live Preview is accessed a notification would pop up asking if it is ok to see the prototype) but thought the current approach would be enough.

Would you prefer a minimal user-account-system (like user xyz with password can access the prototype … ), or would an approval-mechanism be a better fit?

Kind regards,


Hi thank you. I didn’t noticed that. With “all non-local accesses” you mean, live preview will work for my computer only, but is not accessible via network. But that means it is also not accessible for my external devices like mobile phone. Therefore I have to allow it again.

As long as I am only working local and not using other devices or want to collaborate it will work I think. I can try to let this set to the whitelist. Otherwise I will come back to you :slight_smile:

By the way, I just wanted to see the settings, but the application is blocking and no longer reacting after clicking on the live view tab. After restart, the settings screen do not open anymore. :confused:

Thanks for the feedback.

yes, that’s true. Currently it is all or nothing :slight_smile:

Not sure what went wrong here. The preference panel is now missing the whole “Live Preview”-Tab?