Lost Actions when changing a cell from Widget to basic

I keep losing actions. Sometimes that is not to be avoided but it happens way too much. I have spent so many hours reattaching cells to actions that I have now isolated one case where it should definitely not happen. It is when a Widget gets converted to a basic cell and a cell outside of its tree points to it. I have made a film and I am supplying a document. I hope this can be fixed. A lot of cases have already been fixed and action handling is much more robust now but
these last few cases need to be handled properly for this to feel really good.
Keep up the awesome work!
Action Lost Example.atype.zip (733.8 KB)

Thanks for reproducing in detail. We already have open issues for lost target-cells in other scenarios. Let’s hope this can all be fixed together.

I’m lighting a candle as we speak. :candle:

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