Managing Widgets

I find managing my widgets difficult. I would like to rename a widget and then have all instances of that widget update in the inspector, unless they have a custom name. This does not seem to be possible.
Also, if I rename a widget, that name appears in the widget library but when I insert it as a new instance from there, the old name is used. This is unexpected. I would expect the new name to be used at least for newly placed widgets.
What is the recommended workflow for these tasks?

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The name of the widget and the name of the top-level-cell of the widget are distinct. If you want to later change the name of the top-level-cell you currently have to use the Update Name plugin:

Step one Widget and top-level cell have the same name:

Change the name of the “Button_Icon_Contained”-cell:

Use the “Update-Name”-plugin to update the name:

now a newly added widget has the new name. To update the name of existing instances we have another plugin: Cell Name Update.

We previously (before Antetype Web) had the functionality inside the screen inspector.

Ok, I guess that helps. It is not very intuitive though. I would never have thought to look there.
Thanks anyway!

Another thing is being allowed to create multiple widgets with the same name. This completely throws me off most of the time. If I accidentally create a widget with a name that I am already using, I would expect to be prompted for a different name. I see no point in having multiple widgets with the same names. It is quite unusual for this to be allowed I think.

Another one: I have a widget that contains a wrapper (another widget) and the wrapper contains two more widgets: an icon and a menu tip:
During the course of my design, I decide to change the wrapper’s contents to ‘individual’. Later on, I want to change it back to ‘shared’. Here’s the snag: the icon’s background image resource is still set to ‘individual’ and I want each icon to retain its individual background image.
However, this action will set all my icons to have the same image resource and there seems to be no way to tell the icon widget to retain its assigned individual image resource.
I understand that this is perfectly logical but it is not smart. I have this all the time: I change something to ‘individual’ and want to change it back later without losing properties that were set to ‘individual’. Is there a way?

Additionally, Antetype does not let me save Widgets’ contents after one of the nested widgets has been set to ‘individual’. This does not make sense to me. I would like to build up a library of widgets, whose contents are partly individual. Interestingly, I can find widgets in my widget library whose nested widgets were successfully set to individual. How did I succeed in making these?

The decision to not require a unique name was made long time ago, and maybe this was not the right one. Otherwise we would have on a lot of occasions something like the alert in finder when you use the same name (or drag a file with the same name into a folder…).

Yes, that is what I would expect. This behaviour is absolutely standard and it is so ingrained into users’ workflows that any different behaviour is just confusing.

As for the creation of mixed Widgets, maybe this example explains it. I have this:

Then, I create a new Widget from it.
I get this:

So, everything downstream of “HoverLayer” is gone.
Also, all of the actions have disappeared.
I hope this all does not sound like I am complaining. I just want to understand why I never find myself using the widget library. Is it simply not meant to work like that?
My workflow to date has been to try and copy and paste widgets from one document to another. That has its own little quirks but I got what I wanted.
So, if actions cannot be stored with a widget, plus I cannot seem to save mixed widgets, - is there any point in trying to build up a widget library that I can use with new projects by dropping widgets in? What is the recommended workflow for this?

in previous versions of Antetype we had the possibility to change the content of individual-content-cells stored in the widget:

after “Update Shared Library Snapshot” (wrongly named, since it affects also the project library … ) a newly added widget from the widget inspector contains the three-cells:

I can not remember right now why we removed it from the screen inspector (maybe @tim can remember?)

As far as I know normally most users use copy/paste of the widgets (from the same document or a special “widget-document”), mainly because the interactions are preserved. And you do not have the individual-content-confusion.

That’s OK, I can live with that. Thanks for the explanation!

Here’s another one: I have created a widget. It has several nested cells. After a while I decide I need to make nested cells mode “Individual” instead of “Shared”. I change the Widget accordingly, no problem. Now, each time I drop the widget in, it still has all the nested cells from when I first created it.
Now, here’s the interesting question: How can I empty the contents of the Widget without compromising the already placed instances?

(The only way I know would be to change the widget’s Nestes cells mode back to “Shared”, then delete the contents and then switch it back to “Individual” but that would effectively empty out all my already placed widgets)

Is there a way to do it?

not sure if I understand it correctly. I created a widget with some cells in it:

Now I change the selected cell to individual:

If I now add the same widget from the Widget-inspector it does not contain the circle:

Did I miss a step, or are you doing something differently?

Thanks, Felix, I tried this for a few widgets and, indeed, it works like that for most of them. I have one widget where this fails though. I have attached a document. Insert the Widget “buttonThemerGeneric” and you will see what I mean. (491.3 KB)

thank you, yes this looks wrong. We will have a look …

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