March Update released

:gift: New Features:

  • Added Highlight/Select-functionality in Action-Group view in the interaction inspector (to highlight the targetcells) (#1169)
  • The target-specifier in Change/Toggle-State actions now highlights the affected cells while choosing a menu item (#1169)
  • WebViewer: apart from appending the screen-number to the URL you can now use the cell-id of the screen (the last entry in the style-inspector while the screen is selected) to jump directly to this screen
  • The Antetype-application is now built on a Mac running Big Sur, which results in slightly changed UI on Big Sur macs (#1057)

:beetle: Fixed Bugs:

  • In some cases a “Multiple Validation errors” was shown on save, after undoing adding a widget with at least one individual content-cell, this is now fixed. (#1180)
  • The DEV-version was missing the color picker icon in the color popovers discourse
  • Sometimes Change/Toggle-State actions lost their states after copying cells with this actions across documents. Now we make sure that even if the state-action links to a state not on the clipboard the action continues to work in the target document. (#995)
  • Removed scrollview from Action-Group elements selector (#1129)
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It seems that some icons are not in the correct size, it is hard to recognize them. image

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does it help if you restore the default toolbar? (Customize toolbar and drag the default set into the toolbar …)

ok, we further investigated the issue, which only occurs on another Big Sur machine. On this machine deleting all the preferences resolved the problem. To do this:

  • Quit Antetype
  • open
  • paste and execute (by pressing return) the following line into the terminal window:
defaults delete com.antetype.Antetype-Web-Preview

Just a warning: this will remove all customizations (like a specific toolbar set etc.)

Yes customize was not helpful but resetting worked.

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since we introduced a regression, we just released an update to fix it:

:beetle: Fixed Bugs:

  • The last update broke the drag of image-files onto the screen. This is fixed now. (#1191)