Masonry Layout with nested cells?

Has anyone done a masonry layout in Antetype with nested cells? I’m dabbling but results seem flaky. I think it’s the flex that’s getting in the way…
I should add that the height of cells should be dynamic (shrink). Width should ideally be dynamic too, with a min-width and max-width set for wrapping.

Done it. Parent cell needs display:block. (307.2 KB)

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Cool! By using block, no flexbox is used anymore, but anyway it’s responsive that way too. Not sure why the columns seem to have a min-width and are recalculated if the window gets smaller.

Maybe one day we can use native mansory grid for this.

I created another example for achieving a masonry laoyut.

masonry (303.5 KB)

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Based on this code pen:


Awesome. Love it!