More coherent click-targeting wanted

When I have cells nested several layers deep I often fail selecting the cell I want. Interestingly, Antetype often selects the second cell in the sequence (always assuming ‘Mouse Selection’ has been turned on for all sells in the sequence). Could selecting of cells start with the top cell please and then drill down in the sequence of the cells? Could you also provide a modifier key to reverse the direction please? That would speed things up a bit.

I actually think I prefer the more specific selections it currently makes. ⌘Up and ⌘Down then make it easy enough to refine the selection.

Fair enough. I am only looking through my own lens. What I find irritating is the fact that widgets are preferred over cells. Moreover, if you have widgets and cells nested together, the first widget in the tree is selected first. if you have ordinary cells, the last cell is selected. See example:
Selection (176.4 KB)
(Edit): If you click twice in the left group, selection actually skips the intermediate cell altogether. It jumps straight to the second nested widget. This is hard to figure out and predict. It also requires either leaving the canvas or using cmd-up to get back to the previous cell.
What I was asking for is for the selection to start with the outermost parent and then, with each subsequent click, to drill deeper into the tree. @bendansby would you prefer it stayed the way it is now?