More display/upload weirdness

This container routinely appears wider than it’s supposed to after I upload, unless I reload the screen immediately before uploading.

Antetype view:

Cloud view:


Well, every time I think I know how to handle the display/upload weirdness, I discover that it’s not that simple. Reloading before upload does NOT consistently fix the issue. As I’ve discovered in other cases, it seems to be totally random.

And now I’m noticing the same issue on other screens in that file, where a container is unexpectedly wide.

New theory is that it has something to do with the “Responsive container” widgets I’m using. Converting those to basic cells seems to fix the issue. Starting to think 80% of my heartburn with Antetype comes from using breakpoint states :sweat_smile:

I am sorry that you are encountering so many problems.
In your case, the Content element is set to 1000px width, that’s why it is cut off. Also your Panel Content widget is not updated. Adjusting these 2 things, solves the problem for me.

NF Benchmark assessments for admin (7.0 MB)

I don’t think it’s that simple, as you can see in this video, Antetype is showing the mobile breakpoint even though I’m at the default width, and when I select the default breakpoint state, it then shows the correct width.

Ok after reopening the file several times, I get the same behaviour. Seems to me, that the Responsive container is broken. We will have a look at it. In the meantime, you can try to rebuild the widget.

  1. I changed the width of the “content” cell to stretch (max-width) is already set
  2. I activated the mobile breakpoint state for the “panel content” widget.

Then the problem didn’t appear anymore for me. Could you please try that? The CSS is not set as expected for the children if the breakpoint state is not activated.

Background: when you change the layout of a parent, the children use different properties for stretching. In the horizontal layout we use flex and in the vertical width. Now, if the breakpoint state of the parent is not activated, the children just don’t know, that the other breakpoint is now active, because the parent doesn’t tell them.

If forgot to mention that
3. Change the Horizontal Layout property of the “Responsive container” to shared and update the widget.

If the size is still wrong after opening, a reload fixes it. We will have to look more into what is going wrong here sometimes when opening the document. But at least the problems should be permanent when applying the changes.

And one last thing: The wrong size never showed up for me if I set the state of the “Responsive container” to the default breakpoint and save. It seems that there is a problem when loading the document.

CleanShot 2022-06-08 at 17.13.17

Thanks, I will try that next time I run into the issue. I have just reverted to basic cells to make things easier on myself for now.

One small thing that might somewhat help with all the breakpoint issues is to always select the active breakpoint when selecting a widget with breakpoint states. For some reason, Antetype seems to almost prefer selecting the state I’m not in, which causes a lot of confusion.