Mutually exclusive checkboxes

I have three check boxes. Each one will change the text in the popup menu to its label. I do this by showing and hiding an aux element and then using “Visible in Viewport” and the standard script for replacing text.
So far so good.

  1. Is there a less clunky way of achieving a true on/off state other than by using an aux object? It’s slow.
  2. How can I achieve that, if more than one Checkbox is checked, the popup menu button will say “Multiple” ? When no checkbox is checked, it should say “Please Select…”.

Thanks for any pointers.


The code is a little messy. Checkboxes are not clickable in this example. (332.9 KB)

Thank you! Nearly there. It does the “Multiple” thing nicely. Can it also give a standard string back if nothing has been selected? Actually, the check boxes click nicely. What do you mean by “not clickable”?

Here you can define what is written to the cell if nothing is selected.

if(window.counter < 1){
    targetTextCell.widget.states.forEach( s => at.cellSetPropertyInState(targetTextCell, "textString", "", s) )

Forget about the checkboxes, I just hadn’t tested them and wasn’t sure if they would work.

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