Navigation via keyboard shortcuts changes depending on the selected area

Depending on where the user last clicked, the behavior of the Navigation shortcuts change. On the canvas, they usually work as expected, but once a state is clicked in the inspector or an element is selected in the tree, tab makes the name of the State/Element/interaction editable, while CMD+ up/down does not work anymore. If the tree is selected, the arrow keys can be used to navigate (up down), but I have yet to encounter a situation where this change in behavior is helpful. Usually I press tab and then another shortcut (like f for fill) and end up changing the name of the cell I selected, because tab made the name editable instead of navigating to the next cell. Please make these shortcuts work consistently.

Hi Vyse,

and welcome to our discussions :slight_smile: currently the navigate-shortcuts (Tab and ⌘↑↓) are handled only on the canvas, not in the other controls. Since tab normally advances to the next editable field, I guess it would be surprising if it will select the next cell (for example, you enter a new width in the style-inspector hit tab and have another cell selected). I think ⌘↑↓ could be made globally accessible without a problem.

For the behavior of tab edits the name: Here we use the standard behavior of the control from macOS, I guess the reason is that we did not define the next key view (that is the next editable field to select while hitting tab). But I have to try it out, this is just a guess.

But yes, the current behavior is not ideal.