Need finer targeting of widget levels for "siblings"

“Siblings With the Same Widget Type” will only affect all widgets of the same type that reside directly parallel to the current widget whereas “All Widgets of the Same Type” affects too many widgets (that is, document-wide). Sometimes, a certain degree of nesting is unavoidable in complex projects and the current options are a little fuzzy. I really miss the options “Siblings of the first, second, third and fourth degree”.

Thanks for the suggestion. We will discuss it internally. Technically it should be relatively easy to implement.

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If I understood you correctly, a workaround at the moment would be to link one element from every level and then use All Siblings with the Same Widget Type. That would still save some time.

Of course. However, that only works if the object has siblings. Often, with groups of radio buttons, the buttons are nested three or more levels deep inside various container objects.

I have added a document which illustrates the issue quite nicely. Just radio buttons with labels. I need the labels to be in a group with the radios. So, no siblings to target.
Sibling (234.5 KB)

Ok, this can be done with “All Children” now. Thanks for fixing this, @fizfaz! The trick is to link the action to the radio button group (radio + label) but apply the action to the parent container and choose “All Children”. It is important to place “All Children” before the target object so they come first in the timeline.
Check out this example: You can just duplicate the Radio Button wrapper to your heart’s content without the boolean logic breaking. Marvellous!
Radio (267.8 KB)

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