Nested Mouseover

I am trying to make a UI kit that will allow me to switch between different skins (think Mac dark mode, Mac Aqua and Windows - and possibly a fourth scheme as well). This would be made a lot easier if I had a mouseover state as a kind of sub-state independently for each custom state. Currently, I am having to use nested widgets. It’s certainly possible to do that but it creates quite a few objects in my inspector and makes the prototype quite heavy to handle.
Does that make sense?

We used to have the concept of Look&Feels in Antetype: The properties for the widgets were stored in a look&feel and globally switchable by the user. Due to technical reasons the hierarchy of the widgets were the same for all look&feels, resulting in a lot of “collapsed”-cells only used in one look&feel but not the others. The idea was nice in theory, but only a few users actually used it. You had to constantly check the other look&feels while editing, if not a lot of time was needed to clean it up. Therefor we removed it.

We always wanted to enhance our state-concept mainly only store changed properties (currently each state has a copy of all properties) and the possibility to define pseudo-states (mouse over, etc) not only for the Normal State, but others too. We already started implementing it, but realised it would take a lot of effort to get it right.

In your particular case, I guess the only possibility is using different document, but seeing you other post you ran into the shortcomings. Maybe other have a suggestion?

Ok, thanks for the very detailed explanation! I think I remember the Look and Feel thing from way back when and yes I agree it could be daunting. I think I can actually get this to work though. I am building up a library of cross-platform menus, dialogs, popovers, entry fields, check, radio buttons etc. which I can then use as building blocks for future projects. With a little help I can probably get this to work very nicely. Of course I don’t mind sharing what I come up with once I have filled up the library.

My main goals are:

  • Enter content only once (populate all menus with the same entries so when switching from, say macOS to Windows 10, everything is still there and choices that have been made get carried over. See my questions here.)
  • Allow for copying and pasting between documents without breaking up functionality. A menu must still be a menu even after it has been copied and pasted

I have had some early success with this but ran into issue which made the prototype unmanageable. I am rebuilding the system to avoid future confusion.

This is a concept I made to try it out, it wasn’t client work: