New Antetype Web-Release

:confetti_ball: New Release, many new Features :confetti_ball:

:art: Color management

  • Management of color palettes natively in Antetype
  • Possibility to update colors, revert or merge
  • Function “Create Color Overview…” added
  • Additional Color Inspector (for merging colors)
  • Video tutorial follows this afternoon
  • Documentation of the new feature Antetype Color-Handling

:mag: Spec Inspector

  • Display of color variables
  • Navigation in the structure extended (Parent & Child)
  • Display of CSS properties further optimized

:zap: Interactions

  • New icon for the Interaction Inspector
  • Display in the tree which cells are assigned with interactions
  • Filter option in the tree

:policeman:‍♂ macOS Catalina

  • Full macOS Catalina compatibility implemented

:beetle: Bug fixes

  • 100+ bugs have been fixed

:clap: Really one of the best AT releases so far. Color management is really awesome, especially the merge function. Seeing interactions in the object tree is also super handy. I’m excited to see what’s coming up next.


Thanks for the update! I hope I will be able to test-drive this week. This looks really good. Is there an overview of bugs that got fixed somewhere?


great, but now that I see your post, paste of “#ff0000” (with ‘#’) is still not possible :man_facepalming:



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the number of bugs closed mentioned in the release notes are the number of issues closed for this release. Since this contains new bug opened while developing I guess we would have to manually go through this list (or do some issue-search magic :grinning: ) .

Unfortunately none of your issues mentioned in Some Bugs that I would love to see resolved were on our todo-list. But we double checked that dragging on the canvas works…

Awesome, that will help. Thanks!

No problem. Next release maybe :grin:

done :slight_smile: (New Bugfix Release)

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