New Bug-fix update released

We are proud to announce a new bug-fix-release for Antetype. Thank you all for the great participation!

Here the usual brief release notes (if you have further questions/comments … comments welcome):

:beetle: Fixed Bugs:

  • Selection was changed on right-click on a child of a selected cell discourse. (#1101)
  • More robust auto-scrolling in screnn inspector tree (#1113)
  • Fixed a rare crash in states-selection (stylebar) (#1096)
  • In rare circumstances crash after update widget (#1059)
  • In some cases pseudo-states (like mouse over) were active after leaving in-place-presentation-mode (#1109)
  • Sometimes Change-/Toggle-State actions were missing the states after copying between documents. We now make sure the states are preserved. (#1112)
  • After copying screnn across documents sometimes a spinner (instead of the new screen) was shown, a reload did show it. Furtermore make sure all changed instances are rebuilt. (#1123)
  • The last update broke “Edit > Paste Inside” across documents (the “Paste Elements”-Dialog did not disapeear)
  • Paste Screen (using the context menu of the screen inspector) did not copy the colors discourse(#1103)
  • Alignment was broken after switching from free layout to another layout method (#1121)
  • Sometimes after copying widgets between documents the pasted elements only did show up after a reload. In those cases the new widgets were not sent to the WebView/Browser. Now we make sure all added widget are sent. (#1115)
  • Disable type-to-select in states-table und interaction-tree (allows usage of shortcuts without modifier to open popovers) (#1117)
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