New Icon Set, bug fixes and more …

We just released a update for Antetype Web:


  • Templates updated
  • Cleanup of Help menu to point to the new website (#1021)
  • New Icon Set (#900)
  • Removed tabindex from cells with focus-state (breaking change) (#625)
  • Focus-State and “Focus”/“Focus Out”-Events now trigger for elements inside the cell too (#625)
  • Moved “New Vector Cell” (menu and toolbar) to Develop-Menu (#232)
  • Added “Center Screen”-plugin, removed “Replace Color” and “Used Colors”

:beetle: Fixed Bugs:

  • Color-Popovers: List of colors was too narrow (#961)
  • After using File > Revert and adding a cell the next save failed with “Validation Errors” (#1008)
  • Fixed a crash after File > Revert while the interaction inspector was active (#953)
  • Fixed Scrolling on iOS-Devices
  • target specifier “All Children” did only return the direct children, not all (#1017)
  • Fixed crash in Script-Action-Popover (#887)
  • Paste-Image + undo raised an exception (#1010)
  • “+”-button in the tab-bar (Tabs visible) did open a broken document, now we show the template chooser (#533)
  • Fill-Popover: Image: fixed broken Searchfield (#925)
  • In-Place-Presentation Mode: Only the last active screen was rebuild, now we remove all visited screens from the cache (#999)
  • In-Place-Presentation Mode: Pseudo States (Mouse over, pressed etc.) broken after switching screens (#980)
  • Create Widget: Action Set-refrences pointing to a inner cell were lost (#1000)
  • Fixed a potential crash while exporting a WebViewer and font problems (#1003)
  • Screen inspector hidden on start, but control says its visible (#491)
  • Could not change system font in quickbar (#589)
  • Menu Item File > Manage Breakpoints… was always disabled (#1003)
  • Quickbar line-hight-combo box-crash fixed (#938)
  • After deleting a breakpoint-pseudo-state, the corresponding CSS was not removed (#994)

Thank you all for the valuable feedback!


Really a big step forward :ok_hand: Love the new icons.