New Interaction / Animation Inspector

This update is focused on the interaction/animation-part of Antetype. We added new features, fixed bugs and completely redesigned the interaction inspector.


  • In-Place-Presentation mode
    • Changed visual appearance (was unclear in dark mode)
    • Leaving the In-Place-Presentation Mode now switches back to the screen where IPP was entered


  • Completely new interaction inspector with master-detail, Support of drag’n’drop of action and action groups, display of the start/end-times etc.
  • Screen transitions
  • A new Effect Action
  • It is now possible to execute action and action groups after the previous finished
  • New Events:
    • Scroll: is fired when the content of a scrollable container is scrolled
    • Visible/Invisible in Viewport, fired if an element scrolls into the viewport (visual area the user sees) or leaves it
    • Removed Key-press, we now use “Key Down” and “Key Up”.
  • New Template (Animation/Interaction Template, scroll down in the Template Chooser.
  • Documentation of the Interaction/Animation Features (Help > Interaction/Animation Help)

Really like the hierarchical timeline view! So much clearer than before.