New Update for the Web Preview

Some bug fixes:

  • the last update introduced two regressions (both are fixed now):
    • z-index was broken for children of a “float”-cell
    • sometimes setting rotation did not rotate a cell
  • missing styling after changing a pseudo-state in In-Place-Presentation mode. Note: switching between run- and selection-mode in IPP now changes an active pseudo-state.
  • Sometimes a widget-Update did not update the visual representation (#398)

Thank you all for your valuable feedback!

Please note: this will be the last update which supports macOS 10.12

we found a little issue in this version: Overwriting rounded corners (>0px) in an instance with 0px needs a “Reload” in the context-menu. Sorry for that, we are testing the bug-fix currently and will release an update as soon as possible