Palette Resize Effect

Hi guys, is it possible to create an effect like the one shown here in Antetype? Maybe there is some way I am not aware of or maybe it can be scripted?
The palette is an ordinary tool palette but its resizing behaviour is special:- Instead of just jumping to the next grid size, it will rubberband the tool buttons. It will also spring back if the next grid size is not attained by the drag action.

sorry for the long delay, but I wanted to answer with a script :slight_smile: but did not find the time. Should be doable while setting a margin of the icons on resize until space for a new column will be available. On mouse-up remove the margins and reset to the corresponding palette size.

Unfortunately I won’t have time for it this week. But I have it noted and come back to you.

Felix, no pressure at all. I cannot expect you guys to script these bespoke functions for me all the time.