Performance + bug fix update released

Screen-Change performance + bug fixes

Performance changes (screen change)

To make screen-changes faster we introduced two changes in the way we
build the HTML/CSS used for rendering. Before we added the styles for
the widgets and the screns to one style-element. For bigger prototypes
this style grew bigger and bigger which had performance issues
(depending on the prototype).

Now we separate the styles for the widgets and each screen gets its
own style-section. This made it possible to add the second performance
improvement: We now keep the HTML/CSS for each visited screen, making
screen-changes for screens already visited way faster. (Before each time
a screen was displayed we every time rebuilt the HTML/CSS).

:beetle: Fixed Bugs:

  • Labels in the Template-Chooser category list were not aligned correctly
  • Fixed a crash if the Getting-Started-category in the templates is missing
  • Fixed various crashes while transferring the protoype-data to the internal WebView (and Browsers diplaying the LivePreview)
  • Sometimes changing a image did not update the screen correctly (a Reload was needed).
  • After changing the color in a popover, command-Z did not update the screen correctly (Reload)
  • Setting the max-width to a value smaller than the value of width did not change on screen (Reload)
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Since the last update introduced a regression:

Bug fix release

:beetle: Fixed Bugs:

  • Text-shadow-color was lost after copy/paste

  • the last update broke Goto-Screen-Actions with transition