Performance in Web version

I have a project file in the old version that is 2.13 GB in size.
I’m back to this project, but I decided to try the new web version (there are no negative paddings now, and I have to fix a lot of stuff but decided to move anyway).
I’ve converted through Beta to Web, and now the file is 409 MB. It’s a huge improvement, but performance is still the same: switching between screens takes about 3–4 seconds.

Is it normal, or am I doing something wrong?

Hi Valery,

well the Web Version is slower than the beta. For a screen switch it has to do the same stuff like the beta (or 1.7) plus send the data to the WebView (the embedded Safari which displays the prototype) which in turn builds HTML/CSS from it.

As a rule of thumb: if the Plugins > Screen Statistics show 3000 cells (or more) one has to wait a little bit. Apart from that the performance suffers if you used deeply embedded widgets with a lot of states, but we would have to look at the file.

If possible I can take a look at your particular file, just contact me via

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