Please can you show what was there before?

I have classed this as a feature request but in reality this is such a big deal in terms of poor UX that I might as well call it a bug: I understand that it cannot be helped that sometimes actions disappear from the actions panel. You delete something, or you copy and paste and the original gets overwritten. Fair enough. But could you at least show what was there before in grey or red or any other form so I know what to add back?
Honestly, I love Antetype but it is making me really miserable, having to see this:

:thinking: we could store the name, would this help? Apart from that: we could also display an alert on delete: “The cell is used in 2 action groups, do you want to delete it anyway?”.

Store the name and let me opt out of the alert and we have a deal :grin:


Opt out as in “Don’t show this again. Always delete the cell”

just for the record (I am sure you already know it): every item in the interaction inspector has a changeable name:

this helps to remember whats the group (or event/action) is all about.

Actually, it never occurred to me but thanks! It may help in some cases…