Please don't copy nothing

When copying and pasting cells, my muscle-memory sometimes fails me and instead of pressing cmd-V, I press cmd-C. This results in Antetype creating an empty clipboard and I lose what I had copied before, making me go back and hunt for the cell I just copied. This is exacerbated by the fact that the tree scrolls without intent to places I don’t want to go. If copying empty content could be suppressed, that would be awesome!
(And stop scrolling that tree, also, please - see my other request :slight_smile: )

:thinking: if you have the main window as key window, we always have a selection (either cells or screen… ) and these are always copyable and should not result in an empty clipboard. What part of Antetype has the focus when this happens?

It’s in the actions inspector. When the insertion cursor is behind the object lozenge: