Please give us toggle visibility for non-widgets

I’m already deep into a new project and wishing for this. Too many widgets!

If I turn a cell that contains other cells which have actions attached, into a widget, all the actions are multiplied across all the cells. It’s weird. The only workaround is to cut the cells, then create the widget and then paste the cells back.

In this case some more universal widgets might help. For the toggle-visibility here a little example. The “Toggle List”-Button hides/shows the list below. Instead of building a new Widget out of the “ListItemContainer”, I added a more universal one (“Show/Hide container”). It only is one cell with individual content and two states. The action on the toggle-button changes the state of this widget:

toggle (495.4 KB)

Does this help?

:thinking: I guess the reason is that we only allow actions on the whole widget, while creating one we have to move all existing actions on sub-cells to the top-level cell. (Feature request: Add events for a part of a widget has some discussion). But “multiplied” sounds more like a bug. Do you have an example to show it?

I’ll send you a movie offlist. I had to press on so the copy/paste workaround saved me there.

This is how I have been doing it forever. Yes, it gets me around the issue but it also means I have wrappers. I try to keep my hierarchy flat because of the hassle of opening and closing the tree to get to nested cells. This adds an extra wrapper.