Please make it clear what this means!

This dialog is very confusing. I have mentioned before that I would expect to be asked at this point what I want. Do I want to replace all the instances of these widgets with the ones that I am pasting or do I want the pasted ones to adopt the style of the local widgets or do I want to rename the pasted instances and leave both intact?

I guess these are feature requests but if this is not possible, please tell me what is happening!

“Merged” does not give me the slightest clue as to what is going to happen with these widgets.

I cannot stress enough that this is one of the greatest obstacles with my everyday work. Please make pasting and copying of widgets predictable and please please give us the choices we need!


Unfortunately this is not an easily implemented (if it was, it would be already there :slight_smile: ). So far we prioritized other issues.

sorry about the confusion. We use “merge” here, because individual properties/content will not be overwritten by the widget on the clipboard. For example, here we have two documents using the same button widget:

Now we add another cell to the button-widgetin one of the documents, and update the widget:

Now copying shows the alert:

since the “Button_contained”-widget is changed. “Paste and merge” now adds the new cell to the other buttons but keeps the individual content (in this simple example the label):

Furthermore overwritten properties are not affected (like in the normal in-document widget update).

But yes the wording needs clarification.

Hi Felix,
thanks for clarification. I had actually worked this out (using a sample document similar to yours) but it is easy to forget if you pause for a few months, doing other projects.
I think it is quite clear what is happening. The pasted properties override the local properties unless they are set to “individual”. So the wording needs to state that. Is this correct?

or if they are overwritten (are showing the “dark dot” in style-inspector)

. Furthermore individual-content-cells are not affected. :thinking: this should be all…

But that is consistent with the behaviour: the pasted elements overwrite the local elements. It is easier to understand that way. The pasted styles take precedence over the local styles. Is that statement correct?

yes, you can only choose to use the version on the clipboard (preserving your individual/overwritten changes) or cancel.