Please math: addition of numbers

Please share an example. How to add a number from another cell (for example, “5”) to a number from a cell (for example, “10”) when clicking, so that instead of “10” you get “15”.

Hi lxndrrl,

here is a little example. Clicking on the red cell adds the number in the blue cell. (Keeps adding, not if it should only work one time, we have to change it a little bit…).



image (661.1 KB)

Hi Felix,
Thank you. It should only work one time, but let’s leave this example, maybe someone will be useful.

Logically, when you press “5” again, a subtraction should occur.

if I understand you correctly, the behaviour would be:

click on “10”: 10 changes to 15, click again: nothing happens …
click on “5”: 10 changes to 5, click again: nothing happens? (696.4 KB)

added the other button, is this the desired behaviour?



When you click on “5” as a result of “10” becomes “15”. Pressing “5” again does the opposite.
This is a good example if we want to calculate the total cost of several products.

:thinking: not quite sure if I understand you. Does the example help you in implementing you solution?

I wanted to say that you need to click on “5” so that the result of “10” changes to “15”. Once again, clicking on “5” subtracts the value 5 from the result and the original number “10” remains.