Please use styles of last state when creating a new state

When adding states to an object, Antetype will always use the graphic properties of the Normal state when the widget was first created. Even if you change the Normal state after the fact or you add new states and change their styles, will new states be added with the long gone first set of properties. It would be great if new states could inherit the style of the most recently added (or, preferably, the active) state.

I may not quite understand what you mean, but Antetype will create new states based on the state currently selected. I cannot reproduce what you have described.

Hmmm… not at my end. Maybe I wasn’t being totally clear though. See video- The state currently selected is different. The new state receives the style of the initial one that ‘Normal’ had.

If you update first, it will work properly. It still refers to the normal state because you have not updated it. But I get the point now.

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