Plugin to import/export an Apple Color Palette

here a little script to import a Color Palette into an Antetype document. If you have a custom color palette inside the color panel (like here “Crayons”):


you can use the script to import the Colors into your document:


(Sorry about the layout, this happens if you let the developer build the UI :smiley: …)

and after hitting “Import”, the Colors are defined in your document:

Import Colors… (1.1 KB)

To use it:

  • double click to expand the zip (only needed, since we can only upload certain file-types here)
  • in Antetype choose “Plugins > Open Script Folder”
  • drag the Import Colors….fscript file into the Scripts folder

and the other way around, a plugin to export the Antetype Colors into an Apple Color Palette-file (.clr):

Export Colors… (874 Bytes)