Position change via dragging

It’s not possible to change the order from elements (for example rectangles) via dragging.
Even in the layer inspector its not possible to change the order correctly. It’s only possible to trag an element out the “group” or to first position.


Modellname: MacBook Pro
Modell-Identifizierung: MacBookPro18,3
Chip: Apple M1 Pro

Version: 3.2
Build: 202203181558

Hi Nicoloas,

and welcome to our discussions! You are right: currently it is not possible to drag elements on the canvas (only if the container has free-layout). But it works in the screen inspector. Sometimes it is a little bit fiddly to find the right position. Here for example you have to move the mouse fairly to the left to see the insert-marker:

If drag it more to the right it does not insert:

Does it work for you this way?

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Hey fizfaz,

thanks for your fast reply.

In the screen inspector it works, but as you say – it’s a bit fiddly.
Maybe it’s easier if the size of the elements in the inspector be bigger then currently?

Is there any chance to get the “normal” dragging working again?
For me it’s a REALLY important feature, without this feature im a bit lost.
Using Antetype since V1 :slight_smile:


the case where you have widgets of the same type feels worse (we can’t nest widgets into itself, therefor we had to disable certain action). It is easier if this is not the case.

we are working on it. Unfortunately won’t be part of the next update though…



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What i meant, is only the appearance on the left side. If the elements are bigger, it’s easier to find “the gap” to drag it between.

Okay, thats very sad – maybe i roll back to the classic Version (not Antetype Web).
The current feels a bit to buggy, I found some more bugs wich I will write done later if I got more time.

Haha, very nostalgia!

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Dragging will be nice to get back, but I have always used “Bring Forward” / “Send Backward” (remapped to the easier ⌘] and ⌘[ ) for keyboard efficiency and precision. Since V1 as well!

Drag & drop to re-order, move and nest is back in Antetype!