Prepend number when exporting PNGs

Prepending numbers when exporting PNGs was quite useful, in the previous Antetype version.

There are two types of deliverables I use, when I communicate with developers and managers:

  • Prototypes for behaviour and visual specifications for developers.
  • Presentations of concepts with Powerpoints or just by going through PNGs, especially for managers. For this purpose, it would be very useful if the PNGs are exactly in the same order as in Antetype. I could rename them manually, but since it´s work that evolves with iterations, I have to rename them every time I create additional screens, which is annoying.

Thanks in advance for your time.

Hi Carlos,

Export > Screens As Images… still has this feature:

click on Options (at the bottom):

select the screens you want to export and choose “Prepend Number”. Which results in the following filenames:

(it is a little bit hidden UI request: Options panel in export dialog would make it clearer).

Does this help?

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