Preview for Antetype Web Viewer

Kudos to those who had a hand in the new Antetype Web Viewer. It’s amazing!
I shared my weekend project with a few colleagues via Yammer this morning and got a blank preview. Just letting you guys know about this. If a preview could be added that could be pulled by social media for embedding, that would heighten the experience even more!

Yes, currently the only way is to use an <iframe> for the prototype (which only works if you have a web-server to host the files…).

I didn’t mean a dynamic preview. Just a screen grab, really.

ah, ok. In case you didn’t know it: copying a screen or cell to the clipboard also writes an image of the the cell/screen to the pasteboard, which can be inserted easily in a lot of web-based software (like here):

I think we’re still not on the same page. I meant an image that social media grab automatically as a title image for embedding. Not sure what it is called or how that works.

I think I finally got it :slight_smile: something like Webmaster - Teilen - Dokumentation - Facebook for Developers should do the trick. Thanks for the suggestion.

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