Preview in browser goto screen

If, when previewing in the browser, I click a cell that goes to a different screen, nothing happens. Except, it does go that screen, in Antetype!

Hmm, the basic goto screen action works for me in the browser preview and IPP. Could you be more specific?

Here’s a video: Dropbox - Screen Recording 2022-01-18 at 9.47.33 - Simplify your life

You can see if I reload in Safari it shows the correct view.

This looks strange. The only problem I’m aware of is that sometimes Antetype and the Live Preview get out of sync. Can you reproduce the problem over and over again? Does it also occur with other files?

Was reproducible before, now not :man_shrugging:

Maybe just one of those quit and relaunch to fix kinda things

Hi there,
unfortunately I’m facing the same issue (and no restarting didn’t help): The In-Place presentation is working fine and the Antetype app screen selection also works well in the background, but when I switch from IPP to browser presentation, the go-to-screen action is not reflected properly. The view stays on the same screen.
So far I found out that a version w/o using script in the widgets works as expected, but with custom script it’s not working. Can the usage of script can interfere here?

Well… I did a restart, but did I also check for latest updates? :wink:
After updating the error has gone. Wonderful! :smiley:


Hi jandan,

and welcome to our discussion.

yes, it is possible that scripts interfere with the functionality (which should not happen, but since you can basically do anything in a script…). If this happens, feel free to contact us, it might well be a bug in our code.

But if the last update fixed your problem: even better :slight_smile: