Repeat through all states

Is there a way for a repeater to cycle through 3+ states rather than just toggling back and forth?

You mean like this? Cycle States example

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Yes, thanks, I had forgotten about that. I should rephrase my question to leave out “repeater” and just ask for that script to be an action alongside Toggle State — “Cycle States”

Axure has some nice state options — a generic “Next” option with a wrap property. It also has an auto-cycle option (“Repeat every…”) which makes it easy to make carousels etc. which was the origin of my original question.

You can use our Repeat-event for this. A small example, where a click on “Start” starts the repeat:

select next state + (349.3 KB)

Switch to the next state is now done in the repeat-action (using the same script like in the example above)

The button itself starts/stop the repeat:

Thanks, my hope is that this can be incorporated as a feature rather than a script, as in the Axure example.

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I just added it to our issue tracker. We will discuss it in the team, no promise when we will have time to implement it though. Thanks for the suggestion!

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