"Reset actions" action

It’d be nice to have an action that undoes all the actions that have taken place on a screen. For example, if I have an expanding tree view, I don’t want to put the effort in to have each expanded item collapse as well as expand, but it would be nice to be able to click to reset the screen as a shortcut to suggest that. Versus, reloading the page, finding the right screen again, etc.

There is the “Change State of All These Widgets” command. Not sure if this is a custom script because I remember someone helped me with a similar question. Do you see this command under your Plugins menu?
Change state of all this widgets.fscript.zip (1.0 KB)

it is not part of our “standard plugins”. Thanks for sharing.

For a prototype with interactions, I mostly use the In-place-Preview, which reverts automatically to the saved state after exit (apart from changes made while using the selection mode “D”).

Yes, I was immediately thinking about File > Revert, but yes you are right this does not preserve the current screen.

Yes, that is useful but this need is in the sense of doing a demo or others using a finished prototype, not during the design phase.

@Stephan thanks for the script, how is it used?

It is when you set one widget to a certain state and you want all the widgets of the same type to assume the same state. Very useful.

How does that differ from


That function changes the widgets at runtime. Mine is when not running. It will set the widgets’ state before you run the prototype

We are still struggling to understand what you actually want :slight_smile:

As I understood it should be a function to reset all actions performed so far on the active screen during a presentation of the prototype in the browser (live preview or export). Correct?

That’s right! (typing more characters for Discourse)