Revert all Colors plugin

I had a little issue I kept running into lately while building a complex graph: Sometimes I would change a color and forget to up date it afterwards or merge in new colors and in some instances this caused the colors to remain in an unupdated state where they also would not receive updates made to the color on other elements anymore. It essentially behaved like an unupdated widget. If it is not too much trouble, could you add a “revert all colors” option to the plugins? Pretty much for the same reason that revert all widgets exists. Fixing this manually just takes up time, especially if there are many elements to check.

something like this one:

  • select a widget instance
  • execute the plugin: every overwritten color is reset to its “original color” (for all cells of the widget)

Revert All (1.1 KB)

Or did you have something different in mind?

Only minimally tested :smiley:

Actually I was thinking more about a global revert for all colors that aren’t updated :thinking:
I guess comparing it to revert all instances wasn’t ideal since you have to select a specific widget for that. Sorry for the inconvenience…