Scripts and Mouse selection

Can someone confirm that the mouse selection flag has no effect on script execution? I have menus set to “Disabled” with pointer-events set to ‘none’ but scripts still work. All the parent cells and the cell carrying the script have been set to not allow mouse selection.

Not sure what you modified in your project, but generally when mouse selection is disabled, the action will not be triggered.

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I found the issue, nested elements are triggering the interaction. So you have to disable the mouse seleciton for them too.

we briefly changed it to affect the cell and all its children, but had to revert it

In the Interaction/Animation update we changed the behavior from the “Mouse Selection”-property
to disable the mouse-selection for all it’s children too (similar to “hide”). This broke
existing files and made some use-cases not possible anymore. Therefor now it works like before
and only affects a single cell, not its content. (#638)

IIRC it was often used on some top-level-cells which should not be changeable while editing, which would be impossible if it would affect its children too.

Yes, it was like @dominic.lill suggested: I had forgotten to turn off some nested cells. If you forget that scripts are automatically propagated to all nested cells, unless they are widgets in their own right, it is easy to miss something.
Thanks guys!